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Regulative Risk Management

Regulatory compliance

Current regulations scan to ensure a business model, a product or a service comply with the local laws. Especially relevant for foreign businesses preparing to launch to the Russian market and companies preparing to change business model.

Emerging regulation monitoring 

Monitoring regulatory initiatives for relevant economy sectors at different stages of discussion. Predicting potential impact on strategic direction, business model and current operations.

Litigation risk management 

Identification of the key areas where the litigation risk is high, potential implications analysis and risk reduction strategy.  

GR support / outsource 

Development of packages of documents launching the discussion with authorities, support for the successful submission process. Custom research, regular monitorings, outsource resources to help with additional project load.

How we can help:

Business Risk Management

Regulative Risk Management
Operational Risk Management 


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Market intelligence

Strategy development / compliance

Pre-launch activities


Compliance audit (business model / product)

Business plan implementation

Local office set up support 


Partner base operations support (alternative to local office)

Roles/ functions outsource  outsource e.g. sales department


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